Questions about the Mobile App | #GrantChat Highlights Part 4

The Mobile App launched in the App Store and Google Play in April, so we asked for early feedback from the #grantchat community. Share any feedback you have in the comments section below.

questions about mobile app on #grantchat

Have you downloaded the Mobile App yet? If so, when do you like to hop on the app?

For many of the #grantchat participants, they had not yet heard about or downloaded the app, so we hope you’ve had a chance to try out the app now.

Glad you asked!

apple-badge googleplay-badge-unofficial

What is your favorite feature of the Mobile App so far? What do you wish it had?

Here’s a video to show you the Quick Search feature:

App Feature Highlights

(1) Share – If you find a grant opportunity and want to share it with your team, use the Share button when looking at a funding opportunity screen.

(2) Eligibility – If you want to see if you or your organization are eligible for this grant, click the Eligibility button at the bottom of the screen.


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