Recap of Q&A at NCURA Conference

For those who did not make it to the webinar session at the NCURA Region V Conference on May 7, 2018, this post will catch you up!

Our team provided training and a demonstration of how to apply for federal grants using Workspace. Here’s a link to the Applicant Overview Training Presentation and training videos on the YouTube channel that provide a similar demonstration.


NCURA Conference attendees also had follow-up questions, which means some of you are probably wondering the same things. Here are several key questions we heard from you:

If the form in a workspace is locked by one user, can some other user unlock it?

In most cases, no, a user cannot unlock a form that is locked by another user. However, this depends on the roles a user has. The user who is the “Workspace Owner” of a particular workspace application may override a locked form. Additionally, a user who is a participant of that workspace and also has the Standard AOR role may override a locked form. Finally, any user in your organization assigned the Expanded AOR role may override a locked form as well. For more detailed information about roles, review the Workspace Roles page.

Can we rename the PDF form that was downloaded from Workspace?

Yes, you may rename the PDF file name of an individual PDF form downloaded from Workspace.

If a user has the AOR role in one organization, is that role applicable to another organization when the user is added to another organization Workspace?

No. Roles are added to one of a user’s profiles within their account. users have only one account to log in with. They can add profiles to associate their account with different organizations. In other words, users may have multiple profiles (each with a unique set of roles and/or privileges) within one account.

Still have questions? Watch the video below, then read the Add Profile to a Account page.

A couple of packages I worked on had no Webform option. Is there a problem with the form or the Workspace?

There’s nothing wrong with the form or Workspace; not all forms have a webform version in Workspace yet. As of May 11, 2018, 96.7% of open funding opportunities had all their forms with both the webform and PDF option available. We continue to develop and update webforms each week.

Copy Workspace vs. Reuse Workspace Form

Copy Workspace—when you are ready to apply for a new federal grant, you may copy a previous workspace to use as the basis for your new application. This will copy forms from the existing Workspace into the new one, if the previous workspace had the same forms. Find more info in the Copy Workspace help article.

Reuse Form—within an existing workspace application, you may reuse a form from a previous workspace to save time on data entry. It has to be the same form, but it could be a different version of the form.

When a form is reused, the information on the form’s cover sheet will be updated to match the current workspace. Other form data will not be changed. Also note, when a form is reused, data on the form in the workspace will be overwritten. Find more info in the Reuse Workspace Form help article.

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