#FundingFriday: Grants from the Departments of Education, Commerce, Interior and More

Strengthening foreign language study; developing public park lands; protecting neighborhoods – these are a few of the objectives of federal grant opportunities that were posted this week. Click here for a full rundown of the latest federal grants.

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Office of Postsecondary Education (OPE): Undergraduate International Studies and Foreign Language (UISFL) Program

  • Grant from the Department of Education
  • Closing date: July 26, 2018
  • The UISFL program provides grants for planning, developing, and carrying out programs to strengthen and improve undergraduate instruction in international studies and foreign languages in the United States.

Land and Water Conservation Fund State and Local Assistance Program

  • Grant from the Department of the Interior, National Park Service
  • Closing date: July 31, 2018
  • The National Park Service provides matching grants to states and through states to local governments for the acquisition and development of lands and waters for outdoor recreation purposes.

Project Safe Neighborhoods (PSN) National Training and Technical Assistance Program

  • Grant from the Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance
  • Closing date: July 09, 2018
  • PSN is designed to create safer neighborhoods through a sustained reduction in gang violence and gun crime. The program’s effectiveness is based on the cooperation and partnerships of local, state, and federal agencies engaged in a unified approach led by the U.S. Attorney (USA) in each district.

NOAA RESTORE Science Program

  • Grant from the Department of Commerce
  • Closing date: October 29, 2018
  • This funding opportunity invites applications that propose to identify, track, understand, and/or predict trends and variability in the Gulf of Mexico’s living coastal and marine resources and the processes driving them. Funding is contingent upon the availability of funds in the Gulf Coast Restoration Trust Fund.