Search, Subscribe, and Share from the App

With the new mobile app (on Google Play and Apple’s App Store), it is easier than ever to quickly search for, subscribe to, and share federal funding opportunities on the go.

Got a couple of minutes before your next meeting? Waiting in line for coffee?

Open the app & run a quick search for grants on the topic of your choice. You can even segment your search by funding provider.

Quick Search screen of the Mobile App. Enter a keyword to search.

See an opportunity that holds some promise for your organization?

Subscribe to it. You will get an alert if the grantor makes any updates to the funding announcement. Mobile App funding opportunity screen. Click the Share button to share the announcement with others.

You can also easily share an announcement with a colleague or friend. The app’s Search and Subscribe features are especially useful to grant pros on the go.

Download the app today for iOS and Android devices.

After you’ve taken the app for a test drive, rate it and post a review. We appreciate your feedback.

You may also share feedback on the app in the comment section below.

5 thoughts on “Search, Subscribe, and Share from the App

  1. Just found one of these (Android app) and saw this blog post. Super cool idea to do an app. Just wanted to say nice work team!


  2. Im wanting to know when i was younger i was arreated and i got a felony charge. I was convicted. I was told that i was able to receive ant type of funding or receive hud or section 8. Do i qualify for hud and can i apply for a grant.


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