Federal Program Manager – The Beginning of Trish’s Grantor Story

Trish: As a federal program manager, I need to publish a grant forecast and Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) for the public to apply for.

Before anyone can apply for this HHS grant, Trish needs to coordinate the design and posting of the FOA. To allow prospective applicants more time to plan, Trish would also like to publish a grant forecast.

How to Create a Funding Opportunity Announcement

For grant managers like Trish, you may create an FOA using the Grants.gov user interface. Using Grants.gov, Trish will begin with creating an “opportunity,” which is the chassis for the additional information to be added to the FOA. The Create Grant Opportunities help article provides more detailed information.

Create Opportunity page

Within the “opportunity,” you may create a Forecast, Synopsis, or Package. After creating a forecast, as Trish needs to do, she can later modify the opportunity to publish the official FOA with a synopsis using the data already included in the forecast. The Synopsis tab contains, well, a synopsis of the opportunity—a brief summary of key details.

Two of the remaining tabs, Package and Related Documents, contain details, documents, and instructions applicants should review in order to apply for the grant opportunity.

Upon posting the grant opportunity, Trish can prepare for the application review process while members of the public submit applications.

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