Federal Grants in Honor of National PTSD Awareness Day #FundingFriday

National Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) Awareness Day was this Wednesday, June 27th. In honor of the women and men who have bravely served our nation, here are several federal grant opportunities for organizations that support and improve the care of our veterans.

To learn more about PTSD, including an overview, symptoms, and risk factors, please read this resource from the National Institute of Mental Health.

If you are a veteran in search of personal assistance, read the Applying for Benefits page from the Veterans Benefits Administration.

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Department of the Army — United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA)

USAMRMC’s mission is to “provide sound business advice and best value solutions to develop, deliver, and sustain medical capabilities and enhance warfighter readiness” (USAMRAA.army.mil).

Opportunity: DoD Trauma Resiliency Immersive Adaptive Gaming Environment (TRIAGE) Award

Closing Date: September 17, 2018

Purpose: To develop and evaluate an innovative protocol for virtual immersive gaming interoperable components that will increase medical care provider performance, adaptability, and agility in stress-inducing contexts.


Opportunity: FY18-FY22 Broad Agency Announcement for Extramural Medical Research

Closing Date: September 30, 2022

Purpose: To perform basic and applied research to support scientific study and experimentation directed towards advancing the state of the art or increasing knowledge or understanding rather than focusing on development of a specific system or hardware solution.

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Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

The VA’s mission is “to fulfill President Lincoln’s promise ‘To care for him who shall have borne the battle, and for his widow, and his orphan’ by serving and honoring the men and women who are America’s veterans” (VA.gov).

Opportunity: Grants for Transportation of Veterans in Highly Rural Areas

Closing Date: August 5, 2018

Purpose: To help veterans in highly rural areas travel to VA or VA-authorized health care facilities. This program provides grant funding to Veteran Service Organizations and State Veterans Service Agencies to provide transportation services in eligible counties.

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