Now We’re Ready to Apply—Continuing Susan’s User Story

Susan user story: We targeted a grant, so now our Office of Sponsored Research is responsible for getting the team together and completing the application.

Now that Susan has been in her position for some time and has searched through grant opportunities, her university has targeted a specific grant to apply for. To do this well, and quickly, Susan needs to be able to ensure a faculty member, several Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) staff members, and two outside consultants can help with completing the application.

Using Workspace to Meet their Needs

Susan’s next step is to create a workspace in where her team will fill out forms and submit the application. To do so, she needs the Workspace Manager role, which she already has. The Workspace Roles page has a detailed breakdown of the roles for those who need more information.

The next step is adding the team members as participants to the workspace. For the faculty member and OSR staff, Susan will access the Participants tab and click the Add from Workspace Organization button. Search by the team member’s name and select the Add action. If they don’t yet have a account, share the Applicant Registration instructions with them.

To add the grant consultants to the team without having to add a profile to the university, Susan will use the Add by Username button in the Participants tab. This will give the consultants access to this workspace, but not to other ones the university may be working on.

With the team in place, they are now ready to go to the Forms tab and complete the grant application forms. Workspace provides the option to use webforms or PDF forms, so Susan will be able to work on the forms online. A benefit to this is that as other team members work on the forms and save their work in the workspace, the updated forms will be available to Susan and the team.

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