User Story: A State Agency’s Annual Grant Application

April's user story: I work for a state agency, and it is time to submit the annual federal grant application. If possible, I don't want to fill out the same SF-424 again.

April knows the grant program her state agency applies for each year. She’s familiar with the process and requirements, and this year’s iteration of the grant has hardly changed from last year. So, April would like to be able to re-use last year’s work to save time.

For some of the new work in this year’s application, April needs to add two fellow staff members to the team in, but they cannot have access to any of the budget information.

Time-Savers: Reusing Forms & Copying a Past Workspace

In, April has two main options for reusing work on previous applications. First, after creating a workspace for a grant, she may re-use specific forms from other workspace applications using the aptly name Reuse action.

In April’s situation, though, she is applying for the same grant again, so she will want to start with the Copy Workspace feature. This re-uses the entire old application to begin the new application. The short version of the instructions are: log in, go to the Manage Workspaces page, and copy the previous workspace to create the new one. Here’s the step-by-step instructions.

From here, April and her team may update and change the application as needed.

Adding a Team but Limiting Access to Budgets

That brings up April’s second need—adding co-workers to her workspace application without giving them access to budget information. The short version of the instructions are—add a participant like usual, then use the Manage Access link to limit their access to only non-budget forms. This blog post & tutorial video provide step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Now April is ready to update this year’s grant application and prepare it for submission.