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That sense of relief is almost here for Susan, Leo, and April. From their different circumstances and team sizes, they have all reached a similar point—the grant application is done and they are ready to submit. Before sending it in to the agency, though, they would also like to review the application to make sure it is ready. This review involves their team internally reviewing the accuracy and quality of the application, but it also includes validating it in


Almost Ready to Submit

To reach this point, all the mandatory forms in the workspace need to be in the Passed status, as well as any optional forms you’ve selected. This activates the Check Application and, in most cases, the Sign and Submit button as well (the specific activation requirements are in the Submit a Workspace help article).

What does the Check Application button do? This button puts the application through a validation process, which provides validation across all forms in workspace along with checking other business rules. If the validation fails, a list of errors will be displayed. You can then fix each error before submitting. Note: This validation does not represent a qualitative assessment of data you entered into the forms; you are responsible for reviewing the accuracy and quality of your application.

After finishing the check and fixing any errors, Susan, Leo, and April are ready to click the Sign and Submit button.

The Standard AOR role is the minimum required role to submit an application in Susan, Leo, and April each have the Standard AOR role already. If you have questions about other roles, please review the Workspace Roles page.

Be sure to write down the application tracking number that you receive in the application submission confirmation screen—this will be helpful later.

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  1. I filled out an application last year for a federal grant for 300,000 hundred thousand dollars. They came back about two weeks later telling me it was approved last September 2017. They told me I had to pay a 250 dollars filling fee. They have been contacting me still telling me I got til October 1st to pay is this real or a scam.


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