Release 16.3 Preview: Related Opportunities, Password Reset & More

In October, will bring a set of enhancements and updates to improve the user experience with Release 16.3. Here are a few highlights: will enhance security in the password reset process with an email authentication step.

Email Validation with Temporary Codes will add a new “Related Opportunities” feature to allow federal grant-making agencies to create a references to other grants. For applicants, a link will show up next to the funding opportunity number, making your grant search a bit easier.

Related Opportunities


Other Updates

  • will add a “Related Submissions” feature, allowing applicants to help grantors identify resubmitted applications.
  • Applicant System-to-System (S2S) updates for those who integrate their system with If you work with S2S, check the details in the release notes.
  • New email notifications about System for Award Management (SAM) registration expiration and S2S Certificate expiration
  • Merging of accounts: If you have multiple, un-merged accounts using the same email address, log in to to merge them now. If you haven’t received an email from us about this already, you are all set.

There are other enhancements coming with Release 16.3, so check out the 16.3 Applicant Release Notes page for more details. Release maintenance will take place from October 20-22, 2018, so please prepare accordingly since the system will be unavailable during that time.

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