Grantor User Story: Retrieving Submissions & Assigning Agency Tracking Numbers

The application deadline for Trish’s grant program has come and gone, so now she is ready to get those applications into the application review process. Trish would also like to add agency tracking numbers to give her applicants the opportunity to see the status of their application. (If you missed previous installments of Trish’s story, click here and here)

Trish user story: I need to retrieve all opportunity submissions and assign tracking numbers to each.

Retrieving the Submissions

In order to download all of the applicant submissions, Trish first logs in to and clicks on the Retrieve Applicant Submission link on the Grantor Center page.

On the next screen, Trish opts to search by opportunity number and returns a list of submissions that she can select and download from the system.

Retrieve Submitted Applications page

After downloading the applications (packaged into a .zip file), Trish clicks a button that acknowledges the completion of the download.

Assigning Agency Tracking Numbers

Next, Trish has the option of assigning Agency tracking numbers to each submission and also of adding a note for applicants to explain – at a high level – what the review timeline will look like.

Trish first clicks on the Assign Agency Tracking Numbers/Notes link on the Grantor Center. Then she enters the opportunity number and clicks the Search button.

Agency Tracking Number/Notes Assigner page

For each submission she clicks the “AssignTrackingNumberAndNotes” link and opens a pop-up window that she can use to enter an Agency tracking number and add a note to applicants about the process moving forward.

Agency Tracking Number and Agency Notes modal

In the following weeks, Trish will assign applications to the program’s peer review panel and generally oversee the evaluation of submission and awarding of her program’s grant.

For more information about the full grants process, review the Grant Lifecycle Timeline page in the Grants Learning Center.



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  1. I represent a group that would like to build a safe playground in a much needed community on property they own. Where would I look to help get this done?


  2. Have you tried searching on for combinations of terms that include “community,” “recreation,” “development,” “assistance”?


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