Updates to the Mobile App: Calendar, Public Search, Tracking & Social Media

The Grants.gov app launched in April 2018 to give you access to Grants.gov search and notification tools while on the go. With thousands of downloads and thoughtful feedback from our users, Grants.gov has released an update with more of the features you asked for.

First of all, thank you to everyone who has rated the app and provided feedback on both Google Play and Apple’s App Store. Your feedback has driven the Grants.gov team to make the following improvements:

Add Closing Date to Calendar App
How to add a Closing Date to your calendar app

(1) You can now search for grants and browse eligibility requirements without logging into your Grants.gov account within the app

(2) You can now add the Closing Dates for packages to your phone’s calendar app to set reminders

(3) You can now enter a Grants.gov Tracking Number for a status update on your submission as a public user

(4) You now have quick access to Grants.gov’s Community Blog, Twitter, and YouTube channels

In addition to these, some users have also requested a feature that allows applications to be submitted through the app once all forms are in the “Passed” status. While this functionality has not been included in the new release, Grants.gov plans to add it in the future.

If you haven’t already, you can download the Grants.gov app today for iOS and Android devices.

Try out the app, rate it, and post a review. We want to know what you like and hear about ways to continue improving the app.

5 thoughts on “Updates to the Mobile App: Calendar, Public Search, Tracking & Social Media

  1. How can I apply for a Federal grant, that I don’t have to re-pay? My vehicle in dire need to get fixed. Many problems w vehicle.


  2. I cannot even view or read any info in this email I was sent due to the fact that calendar update keeps popping up to save to my calendar. Whether I click on save or cancel doesn’t matter it keeps popping up blocking me from seeing Anything else every 4-5seconds! I actually timed it. It’s obsolete due to this issue!


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