New System Enhancements for Users at Grant-Making Agencies

Recent updates to the system have brought welcome new features for users at federal grant-making agencies. These enhancements are discussed in detail in the online user guide. Below, we provide an overview of the changes, along with links to help resources.

New: Login with your PIV card

Grantors can now link a PIV or CAC card to their account. Doing so will give users the option of accessing their account with either the PIV/CAC card or their username and password.

Help Article | Video

New: Copy funding opportunity announcements (FOAs)

Grantors can now copy an FOA with a forecast and/or synopsis and use the copied record as a starting point for posting a new or a related opportunity. This feature can make the posting process more efficient.

Help Article | Video

New: Save an opportunity announcement as a Draft

Grantors can now save an FOA as a draft, allowing for non-public updates and revisions that can be made as needed until the FOA is published on

Help Article – Create Draft Synopsis | Help Article – Create Draft Forecast | Video

New: Relate opportunities to one another

Grantors can now relate opportunities to one another. The related opportunities will then be viewable via a link near the top of the View Grant Opportunity page.

Help Article