Community Insights: Building Larger Partnerships in the Federal Grant Community

Community Insights is a new series that highlights advice and wisdom gleaned from the federal grant community. The posts excerpted in this series will have appeared already within’s Twitter and the Community Forum channels.

In this blog post, we’re featuring an exchange between applicants about creative ways to build partnerships when federal funding opportunities appear limited. A special thanks to Twila Nesky for taking the time to share her wisdom with the community.

Community Insights

‘A Truly Creative Endeavor’

Q: Hello everyone, I am interested to learn about how you all are being more creative in your approach to funding when the Federal funding is limited. 

A: Good question! The key is to build larger partnerships in the community. For example, it’s hard to get a grant for education programs, but if you connect your program to worker development as in vocational rehabilitation, and to an industry with a shortage of workers, and then add sociologist to study the impact of the education program on the worker, or healthcare effects of educated workers on the industry and so on, then you not only have a greater chance of finding funders, you’ll also have more eyes looking for funding and minds helping you develop proposals. This is truly a creative endeavor – finding the connections between all of us! I recently collaborated on an NIH proposal that connected Native American studies with middle-school learning gardens, teacher professional education and bio-medical research opportunities for undergraduates. It was great fun.  – Twila Nesky

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