Workspace Tips & Tricks: How to Create a Custom Role in

Sometimes the standard user roles – Expanded AOR, Standard AOR, and Workspace Manager – can be insufficiently rigid for applicant organizations.

Thus, an organization may want to create custom roles that can be assigned in place of the standard roles.

Workspace Tips and Tricks


The process of creating a custom role is relatively straightforward. After logging in, a user with the Manage Organization privilege (for example, a user with the Expanded AOR role)…

  1. Clicks the Manage Organization Roles link in the navigation menu;
  2. Clicks the Create Role button on the top right corner of the Roles table, under the Roles tab;
  3. Names the new custom role and assigns privileges;
  4. Clicks the Save button. The role will now appear in the Roles table.


Defining the Privileges

A range of privileges can be associated with any given custom role. Click here for a full list of privileges and their descriptions.

Note: For organizations that choose to use custom role(s) rather than the core roles, please consider the impact of needing to develop internal training resources based on the unique set of privilege(s) assigned to your custom role(s).

Want an example of how an organization might use custom roles? Check out this case study.