#FundingFriday: Unrestricted Opportunities from the Departments of Energy, Defense, Health and Human Services and the Agency for International Development

This week’s installment of #FundingFriday focuses on recently-posted opportunities that are categorized as having “Unrestricted” eligibility. Note: “Unrestricted” (i.e., open to any type of entity above) opportunities are subject to any clarification listed under “Additional Information on Eligibility” on the synopsis.

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Materials and Chemical Sciences Research for Quantum Information Science

Department of Energy – Office of Science

Current Closing Date for Applications: May 3, 2019 

The DOE SC program in Basic Energy Sciences (BES) announces its interest in receiving applications from single investigators/small groups (up to $500K per year) and from large teams (over $500K per year) for support of experimental and theoretical efforts to advance materials and chemical sciences research for quantum information science (QIS).  Large teams must have multiple investigators and may have multiple institutions. This funding opportunity supports fundamental research for public benefit in materials and chemical sciences to advance our understanding of quantum phenomena in systems that could be used for QIS, and the use of quantum computing in chemical and materials sciences research.


PRMRP Discovery Award

Department of Defense, Dept. of the Army – USAMRAA

Current Closing Date for Applications: April 11, 2019 

The intent of the PRMRP Discovery Award is to support innovative, non-incremental, high-risk/potentially high-reward research that will provide new insights, paradigms, technologies, or applications. Studies supported by this award are expected to lay the groundwork for future avenues of scientific investigation. The proposed research project should include a well-formulated, testable hypothesis based on a sound scientific rationale and study design.


Legal Assistance Enhancement Program

Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Community Living

Estimated Application Due Date: April 29, 2019

This funding opportunity is designed to enable legal assistance networks, including Older Americans Act-funded programs, in strengthening and enhancing legal assistance programs to older Americans with economic and social need. Cooperative agreements under this funding opportunity announcement (FOA), Legal Assistance Enhancement Program (LAEP), will be dedicated to identifying and executing enhancements and innovations that improve the quality, effectiveness, accessibility, and availability of legal assistance offered to older Americans, consistent with the fundamental principles of the Administration for Community Living (ACL). Enhancements made through this funding opportunity will support quantifiable and sustainable improvements to the delivery of a full-range of legal assistance, from legal advice through representation to older adults.


Water For Agriculture Activity

Agency for International Development, Nigeria USAID-Abuja

Current Closing Date for Applications: February 11, 2019 

The goal of this Activity is to increase agricultural productivity and income generation among small-holder farmers.


The purpose of the #FundingFriday series is to highlight the wide range of federal grant opportunities that are available to applicant entities. If you work for a federal grant-making agency and would like us to highlight a specific grant program or funding opportunity, please send an email to community@grants.gov.

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