3 Tips for Users Registering as an Organization Applicant on Grants.gov

If you need to register an account with Grants.gov for the first time, you will find the process relatively straightforward. Recent updates to the system have greatly streamlined this process.

All the standard fields you would expect are there, such as Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Username and Password. That said, there are a few tips you will want to keep in mind when you arrive at the Registration page.


1. You’ll need a strong password containing no dictionary words.

The password requirements for creating a Grants.gov user account are as follows (pay special attention to the last requirement – recently added – which we have italicized):

“Your password must contain at least eight characters including: at least one uppercase letter (A-Z); at least one lowercase letter (a-z); at least one number (0-9); and at least one special character (e.g. ! @ # $ % ^ & *). Your password must not contain dictionary words, names, or your Username.”

One of the best ways to meet these password requirements is to compose an easy-to-remember passphrase and then to take the first letters from each word in your passphrase to make up the bulk of the password. For example, “I Really Enjoy Searching for Federal Grants at Noon” could become the password “IRESfFG@12n”.

BONUS TIP: After March 18, 2019, you will be able to add a mobile number to your account, giving you the option to receive a temporary password-reset code via text message. (Currently, the temporary code can only be received via email.)


2. You’ll want to subscribe to both Grants.gov Alerts and the monthly Newsletter.

Don’t worry – we don’t spam our users.

Grants.gov Alerts are sent out only when a critical system-related message needs to be dispatched to a specific segment of users.

The Grants.gov Newsletter, meanwhile, is sent out once a month and contains helpful tips and links to articles and resources relating to federal grant applicants.


3. You’ll need your organization’s DUNS Number when creating an Organization Applicant profile.

You can register an account with Grants.gov without your organization’s DUNS number. You can also be added to an application workspace even if you have not linked your account with any organization.

But to be given a role within a specific applicant organization, you will need to add a profile affiliating yourself with that organization.

Perhaps the best time to add this profile is after you have completed the registration process and you see the below screen. (Or you can skip this step and add a profile at another time by following these instructions.)

Add Organization Applicant Profile

Just select the “Add Organization Applicant Profile” option and then enter the organization’s DUNS number. You are also required to give the profile a name and add a job title.

After registering an account with Grants.gov and creating an Organization Applicant Profile, the organization’s E-Business Point of Contact, as well as other users at the organization who are authorized to assign roles, will be notified and prompted to assign the new user specific roles within the organization.

Want to learn more about the registration process? Watch this video or browse this section of the Online User Guide.

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  1. Is there an on-line meeting area for organizations who are looking for national or international partners for federal grant applications?


  2. After the second or third time having to change your password can become cumbersome. Glad google can help with that by remembering our password or when it changes updating password. Helpful info btw.


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