Shared Services: Using Web Services With Other Grant Systems

If you have spent a year or more in the federal grants world – whether as an applicant or as a federal employee – you may have noted the wide range of federal grant systems that are used across the government.

It is lesser known among grant pros that has created a range of web services – often called application programming interfaces (or APIs) outside the grant world – that system administrators can use to link their grant systems to

S2S Illustration

An example of this from everyday life is a blogging platform that gives users the option to publish a blog post via a third-party email client (by sending an email to a specific address).

Similarly, can integrate with other grant systems to streamline workflows for both applicants and grantors. refers to this type of integration as System-to-System (S2S).


Web Services Available to Grantors

Grant-making agencies, for example, can choose to integrate a web service that allows a program office to publish a grant opportunity announcement directly from the agency’s system.

Such an integration would likely make the most sense if agencies and their programs are involved in a high number of transactions with Under such circumstances, agencies could save employees’ time, reduce costs and help preserve data accuracy since users do not need to duplicate or re-enter data that is already entered on their agency system.

Another example: Grant-making agencies can retrieve applicant submissions made to from within their own proprietary system using a web service integration.

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Web Services for Applicants also has web service integrations that can be used by applicant-focused systems.

Maybe an organization has a high volume of submissions, thus making a proprietary system that integrates with more financially feasible.

Or perhaps an organization desires to use a single system for human resources and financial management. In such a case, federal grant submissions could be processed from within the entity’s system thanks to a web service.

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Additional Information

System administrators considering the implementation of one or more of the web services currently available can read more about technical prerequisites on

Do you have questions about integrating web services into your system? Applicants should contact Support and someone will be assigned to address your questions about the S2S integration process. Grantors should contact their Program Advisor.