Workspace Wins Award for Innovative, Collaborative Enhancements recently received a 2019 FedHealthIT Innovation award for the improvements it has made to the federal grant application process with Workspace.

Health industry news organization FedHealthIT (FedHealthInnovation & Technology) brought together a panel of judges from across the sector who made their award decisions “with a primary focus on innovation and results achieved.” Wins 2019 FedHealthIT Innovation Award

What is Workspace?

Workspace is the standard way for organizations or individuals to apply for Federal grants in Workspace allows a grant team to simultaneously access and edit different forms within an application, facilitating real-time collaboration and saving resources by fostering the reuse of existing information.

“We are honored to receive the 2019 FedHealthIT Innovation Award,” said John Enggren, Director of and 2019 DMI Digital Leader Award honoree.

“I’m very grateful to each team member for their efforts and contributions to the program. I’m grateful to HHS leadership and the grants community for their constant support. The Workspace functionality enhances the applicant experience by increasing standardization, collaboration and reducing burden. will continue to improve the grants community experience and offer quality services.”

Click here to learn more about Workspace, or watch the video below.

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  1. Great! Now let’s get the systems change for Adult Day applications licensing by DHS.


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