The Latest in Federal Grants: Entrepreneurship Training for Veterans, Micro-Enterprise Support for Native American Firms & More

This week’s edition of Federal Funding Spotlight 🔦  focuses on opportunities from the Small Business Administration, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Defense. These opportunities support…

  • Entrepreneurship training for service-disabled veterans
  • Cooperative research involving commercial and recreational fishermen
  • Natural resource conservation practices throughout West Virginia, and more!

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Federal Funding Spotlight


Service Disabled Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Program

Small Business Administration 🔦  Current Closing Date for Applications: July 24, 2019 

This program supports entrepreneurship training to veteran small business owners and entrepreneurs, with a special emphasis on entrepreneurship instruction to service-disabled veteran small business owners and entrepreneurs.


Cooperative Research Program

Department of Commerce 🔦  Current Closing Date for Applications: September 20, 2019 

The program bolsters partnerships by providing a way for involving commercial and recreational fishermen in the collection of fundamental fisheries information in support of management and regulatory options. This program addresses NOAA’s mission to “Protect, Restore, and Manage the Use of Coastal and Ocean Resources through an Ecosystem Approach to Management.”


Partnerships to Provide Direct Technical Services

Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service 🔦  Current Closing Date for Applications: August 8, 2019

The NRCS – West Virginia State Office, an agency under the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), is seeking support from like-minded natural resource conservation partners. This is a re-advertisement of the original announcement due to a low number of responses that met the intent for the applicant to provide technical assistance. The overall intent of this announcement is to solicit partnerships to provide direct technical services (boots on the ground) to plan and/or implement conservation practices throughout West Virginia and reach objectives and priorities outlined further in this document.


Native American Micro Enterprise Business Services

Small Business Administration 🔦 Current Closing Date for Applications: August 5, 2019

The Office of Native American Affairs (ONAA) mission is to ensure that American Indian, Alaska Natives and Native Hawaiians (referred to collectively as Native American) seeking to create, develop and expand small businesses have full access to the business development and expansion tools available through the Agency’s entrepreneurial development, lending and procurement programs. Our vision for this program initiative is not to encourage duplication of what ONAA has traditionally done in the past, but to solicit new innovative approaches to meet the needs of these targeted groups at the micro-enterprise level of business ownership.  The focus of this program initiative is to target specific Native American business operations in underserved markets throughout the country including underserved micro-enterprise Native American firms to further expand their business development offerings.


Intent-Defined Adaptive Software (IDAS)

Department of Defense, DARPA – Information Innovation Office 🔦 Current Closing Date for Applications: September 10, 2019

DARPA is soliciting innovative research proposals in the area of automating the evaluation of software assurance evidence to enable certifiers to rapidly determine that the system risk is acceptable. Proposed research should investigate innovative approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems. Specifically excluded is research that primarily results in evolutionary improvements to the existing state of practice.