Saved Search Coming Soon to the Mobile App (iOS and Android)

In recent months, the mobile app’s install base has topped 200,000 users and has become an essential part of the federal grant pro’s toolbox.

We’re excited to announce that even more improvements to the app are just around the corner. These improvements will help bring the mobile app’s search functionality in line with that of the website, among other things.

Below is a preview of the features that users can expect to see soon in an upcoming app update for both Android and iOS devices.


Saved Searches

App users will soon be able to add, view and edit saved searches from within the mobile app. Currently, saved searches can only be managed via the website. To use this feature, users will need to log into the app.Saved Search coming soon to the mobile app

Filtering and Sorting

App users will soon be able to filter searches by Opportunity Status, Funding Instrument Type, Eligibility, and Category (in addition to Agency, which was already available).

App users will also be able to sort results by those Recently Posted, Closing Soon, and Opportunity Number (both A-Z and Z-A).

The new filtering and sorting features apply both to regular searches and saved search queries.

More In-App Notifications for AORs

Certain users with the AOR role will soon be able to receive more notifications within the mobile app, in addition to receiving the same notifications via email.

New Explore Screen

Mobile app users will also notice a revamped Explore screen after the next update. When logged in, the Explore screen will show an expanded list of features, such as the new Saved Search functionality discussed above.

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