8 Essential Help Articles for Applicants Using Grants.gov Workspace

Grants.gov Online User GuideWhen you apply for a federal grant within Grants.gov, help is always just a click away – no matter what screen you are on. Clicking on a blue help icon opens a new window with a relevant help article.

It’s also easy to navigate to other related help articles via the table of contents or the keyword search field.

Below, we have collected some of the most-read help articles relating to key applicant tasks, like assigning roles, adding an account profile, and managing an application.


1. Adding an Applicant Profile to a Grants.gov Account

If you work for or consult with multiple organizations, you may log in to your single Grants.gov account to access multiple profiles. Each profile may have different roles based on which roles have been assigned to you by the organization. Additionally, users can maintain an individual applicant profile. Learn more >


2. What Is Workspace?

Workspace is the standard way for organizations or individuals to apply for federal grants in Grants.gov. Workspace is a shared, online environment where members of a grant team may simultaneously access and edit different forms within an application. Learn more >


3. Manage Workspaces

The Manage Workspaces page provides a high-level view of all the workspaces your assigned roles and access levels give you access to. From this page, you can search for these workspaces and check the status of each. You are also able to export the data if you prefer to review it in a spreadsheet. Learn more >


4. Applicant Management

The Applicant Management section lets users (with the appropriate access) change, edit, and manage organizational-level settings and access. Learn more >


5. Manage Your Workspace

The Manage Workspace page provides access to the Forms, Participants, Activity, and Details tabs. Within these tabs, Workspace Participants manage and coordinate the completion of the opportunity package. Learn more >


6. Fill Out Webforms

Applicants can fill out and complete grant application forms in their web browser. The webforms and PDF forms (i.e., the Download and Upload links) are connected, so users may interchangeably complete the forms in their web browser and PDF format and the data is shared. Learn more >


7. Manage Organization Roles

To access the Manage Organization Roles page in Grants.gov, you must have a role that grants role management privileges. Learn more >


8. View Role Privileges

The core roles in Grants.gov are Workspace Manager, Standard AOR, and Expanded AOR. If your organization uses custom roles, you can specify the privileges you want associated with each role. Learn more >