System Release 18.0 Preview

The next release is just around the corner. Here’s what you can expect later this month when R18.0 goes live on November 18:

Newsletter Archives

  • We are making our monthly newsletter archives available, starting with the September 2018 launch issue. The archives will be available under the Connect tab on starting November 18.


System Enhancements for Applicants

  • With Release 18.0, Applicants will be able to search for Related Documents even if a published opportunity does not have a synopsis.
  • Also, closed Opportunity Packages associated with a Funding Opportunity Announcement will be displayed in a new grid below the open package(s) on the View Grant Opportunity Page (Package tab).
Figure 1 - Example screen from the TEST environment
Figure 1 – Example screen from the TEST environment


System Enhancements for Grantors

Release 18.0 will bring a few quality-of-life improvements for grantors managing their agency’s opportunities. Among them, are the following:

  • Grantor users with Manage Forecast and Manage Packages roles will be able to add Related Documents to an opportunity, along with users who have Manage Synopses role
  • Additionally, a synopsis will no longer be required in order to publish Related Documents; a forecast or package is sufficient

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