5 Essential Grants.gov Resources for New Federal Grant Applicants

Grants.gov LogoWhen you apply for a federal grant on Grants.gov, help is always just a click away – no matter what screen you are on you can click a blue help icon which opens a new window with relevant articles. New applicants have several other help-related resources that they will want to bookmark for quick and easy access.

Training Videos

The Grants.gov YouTube Channel has over 50 up-to-date videos that; walk users through the steps to search for opportunities on Grants.gov, create a workspace, add applicant team members to the workspace, complete application forms, and various other assistance tools. Most videos are under three minutes and can be easily shared with anyone


Roles and Privileges Resource Page

When an applicant organization registers with Grants.gov, the organization E-Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) or user with the Expanded Authorized Organization Representative (AOR) role can assign the organization user a core role, custom role, or no role.

The Grants.gov Roles & Privileges resource page contain explanations of each role and privilege that can be assigned to a user. Use this resource as a reference, for example: when you’re unsure what role gives a team member the ability to submit a completed application.


Workspace User Approach

The Workspace Overview page is home to four different detailed step-by-step approaches for applicants who are interested in utilizing Grants.gov. There’s a scenario approach for

  • organizations with just 1 to 2 registered Grants.gov users;
  • organizations with 3-5 registered Grants.gov users;
  • organizations with external Grants.gov users, such as consultants;
  • organizations that want to create custom roles and assign them to users affiliated with their organization.


Learn Grants

The Grants.gov Learn Grants section presents new applicants with a high-level overview of the Federal Grants world. It can be intimidating to approach your first application deadline, or begin a keyword search for new federal funding for your organization, therefore Learn Grants contains everything from an overview of the application lifecycle, to profiles of federal grant-making agencies, a glossary of key terminology, and other tools that will help new applicants navigate the federal financial assistance application process.


Online User Guide

We mentioned this at the beginning, but it’s worth repeating: content focused articles are accessible within every Grants.gov workspace. Just look for the blue ?  icon and click it to open a help article that relates to your current screen. Once you’re inside the Online User Guide, you can easily browse related topics in the Table of Contents, or perform a keyword search for other topics.