Test Drive the New Grants.gov Chatbot

Grants.gov Chatbot ScreenGrants.gov is always looking for new ways to serve our users and improve their experience. In recent months, we have developed a new self-service help tool based on chatbot technology.

Today, we are inviting users to test drive the new tool to help determine its effectiveness.

The chatbot will be made available as a Beta feature on Grants.gov, after revisions based on user feedback.

Grants.gov will continue evaluation of the feature among the larger applicant community.

Click here to learn more and take the chatbot for a spin.

We greatly appreciate your participation and feedback. Please feel free to share this invitation with your colleagues.

8 thoughts on “Test Drive the New Grants.gov Chatbot

  1. Excellent! Thanks for the continuous enhancements and innovations to make things even better than they already are to help secure grant funding.


    1. I agree with Mr. Walker the continuous enhancements have improved the process of securing grant funding.


  2. Your robot doesn’t know much about Grant. We ask the same question over and over but no answers.


    1. Just did a test drive of the New Grants.gov Chatbot. I think this an excellent way to receive answers to questions quickly. The great advantage of the Chatbot is that it provides links that will help answer their question.

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  3. Well, I took the chatbot for a spend to test it today. It had a challenge with the first request and didn’t have any information to provide for me. However, I added more clarity to the next request and it delivered. I think it is a good start.

    Will the chatbot ever be operated part or full-time by a human in the future?

    Thanks again, for the continuous innovations and improvement to the site.


  4. I still want to know why I get password expiration warnings too soon – way before the 60 day deadline is anywhere near.


  5. The password expiration should be extended to 90 days. Every time I am ready to submit a grant on behalf of my University, it is time to reset my password which is not easy.


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