HHS to Lead Efforts to Transform the Federal Grants Management Process and Systems

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) officially designated Grants.gov’s managing agency, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), as a Quality Service Management Office (QSMO) for Grants Management.

With this designation, HHS will lead efforts to transform the federal grants management process end-to-end, including the four Grants Management Service Areas: Pre-Award, Award, Post-Award, and Closeout.

Other Quality Service Management Offices designated by OMB cover Cybersecurity Services, Core Financial Management, Compensation Management, Work Schedule and Leave Management Services.

HHS to Drive Grants Modernization

“The Grants QSMO will drive standardization and modernization of systems to increase efficiency and reduce burden for grant applicants and recipients and for the federal workforce government-wide,” according to an HHS press release.

“Grants management centers on a government-to-citizen interaction that is core to the delivery of an agency’s mission. In fiscal year 2020, the federal response to COVID-19 increased government-wide grant funding from $750 billion to over $2 trillion through supplemental funding, in addition to other federal financial assistance payments and loans. This increase highlights the need, government-wide, for improvements in the federal grants process.”

Continued Collaboration

Grants.gov looks forward to our continued collaboration with applicants, grantors and those who are just becoming familiar with the federal grant process.

To learn more about the Grants Management QSMO designation, review these Frequently Asked Questions.

4 thoughts on “HHS to Lead Efforts to Transform the Federal Grants Management Process and Systems

  1. I’m excited to learn about the Health and Human Services Department’s new developments to ensure the drive for grant management modernization. These developments sound interesting, and I’m sure that we will see more improvements and changes coming down the pipeline with the change of administration.

    The very fact that the federal government has increased grant funding from $750 billion to over $2 trillion in supplemental funding highlights the importance of grants for our communities to ensure that we remain a healthy and vibrant nation.

    I will personally be keeping an eye open to learn more about HHS’s efforts to improve upon the systems that currently exist. Last year, we saw many positive changes and improvements, including the enhancement of apps that were developed to make it easier for grant professionals to apply for grant funding.

    I welcome this and plan on sharing the insight that I learned with our 15,000+ members in the Grant Writers Association and Get Funded Inner Circle to keep them informed.

    Thank you for your service and all you do to make it easier for us to get the information we need now to make a tangible, concrete difference.

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  2. I am elated to read of the improvements associated with federal grants programs. The improvements represent huge improvements in communities across the United States. Now, if only if equity in distribution can be ensured for small rural and minority populations in areas similar to my target area in Southeast Missouri. Great grants can be available; great grant proposals can be written; great needs can be present, great effort can be expended by citizens; however, not all selection processes locally share interest in the entire community. Thank you for the opportunity to express my deep appreciation for the improvement in the federal grant programs and to share my concern for fairness in distribution of available funding.
    Again, thank you.


    1. Hi Ms. Harris, I agree with you I am excited about the improvements associated with federal grants programs, and I look forward to what other improvements they will make in the next few months.

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  3. Hey Kathern,

    It looks like you and I are excited to learn about the new forthcoming improvements and enhancements to the grant management processes and systems. I’ve already shared the news with several other grant professionals and colleagues on my LinkedIn discussion forms.

    The equity distribution challenge you mentioned is a real issue. As you rightly pointed out, you can write a great proposal and be a good fit for the grant opportunity and still not receive the funding.

    Sometimes the funding doesn’t seem to make it to the places that need it most.

    I wish I had the answer or solution to remedy this issue, but I don’t.

    However, I believe it is when we bring our collective minds together and start voicing the issue as you have and working together to solve the problem that we make real change happen.

    I, like you, appreciate the opportunity to express this and other issues on this platform. I am wishing those tasked with making these improvements the absolute best as they roll out the new plans.

    If anyone with the HHS wants to have a civilian’s input or thought, please know that I would be happy to contribute in any way that I can.

    Thank you,


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