Taking Advantage of Grants.gov’s Team-Focused Workspace Features

Grants.gov Workspace allows applicant teams to easily collaborate on federal funding opportunity applications and get their submissions across the finish line.

Since many applicant teams find themselves working remotely these days, we want to highlight Workspace features that, along with the Grants.gov Mobile App, can assist applicant teams and help to streamline collaboration.

With Grants.gov Workspace, applicant teams have the…

  • Ability to create a team in Workspace. Any users with one of the “Manage Participants” privileges can add team members from both inside and outside of their organization, called participants, to a workspace. To add team members who are not part of your organization to your workspace, such as external consultants and grant writers, you just need their Grants.gov username or email address.
  • Ability to provide form-level access. This means that individual participants of the workspace can be given access to specific forms, ensuring that certain data can be protected.
  • Ability to lock forms. Participants can “lock” forms to protect their work and ensure that other team members do not make unwanted changes.
  • Ability to reuse forms. Participants can “reuse” forms from existing workspaces, saving the organization time and resources. This reuse feature can be used by anyone on the team: by the Workspace Owner when first creating the workspace, and/or by individual participants working on a specific form.
  • Ability to have online-offline collaboration.  Participants can opt to complete certain forms collaboratively in a web browser, or download, share and fill out offline as .pdf files. For example, some teams may prefer to complete narrative forms online and budget forms offline.
  • Ability to easily find contact information for team members. Users who are part of a workspace can quickly locate contact information for other participants under the Participants Tab. This makes it easy to reach out to collaborators who are working remotely.
  • Ability to submit from the website or mobile app. If a deadline is looming, the team member with “Submit” privileges does not need to stay by the computer until other team members have finished working on any remaining forms. He or she can also submit the completed application on the go using the Grants.gov Mobile App. Don’t have the app? Download it today on Google Play or Apple’s App Store.
  • Ability to check the status of submissions from the website or mobile app. Your team can opt to receive mobile notifications with status updates.

To learn more about Grants.gov Workspace features, watch our “Learning Workspace” video series on YouTube.

One thought on “Taking Advantage of Grants.gov’s Team-Focused Workspace Features

  1. I am super excited about the numerous changes, updates, and improvements that Grants.gov is making to have a more useful and team-friendly app that allows organizations to work together more effectively.

    Grants.gov has been working overtime, it seems to make life better for those preparing grant proposals as a team effort.

    I like all of the new features. However, I have to say that my favorite is probably the ability to create a team and workspace that allows external consultants and grant writers to be able to be provided access, even though they are not internally connected with the organization.

    I also think that other features are significant improvements, such as providing various access levels to different team members.

    Many in the grant writing industry realize the importance of collaboration, and as we move into the future, collaboration becomes even more imperative, especially in light of COVID.

    I think these improvements are going to make many grant professionals excited.

    It’s my pleasure to share these updates with our Grant Writers Association on LinkedIn and the Get Funded Inner Circle. With these new changes, I believe every single grant writer and consultant that does anything remotely connected with grants should go over today and get their user name and email address added to the Grants.gov site. It is crucial to be prepared, even if they’re presently not doing government grants.

    I’m going to encourage all of my students and Youtube followers to do so and suggest other instructors do the same.

    I think it’s useful for grant professionals and organizations to be prepared in advance so that when the time comes, they’re already in the system, and they can also let those whom they serve know about some of these updates and changes that are taking place.

    Hats off to everyone who has had a hand in helping to make these changes possible.

    Looking from afar, it’s obvious to see the enhancements through innovation, management, marketing, and strategy that will have rippling effects on those who are writing and applying to grants professionally. Thank you!

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