What to Expect During the Grants.gov Cloud Migration and Extended Downtime for September 2022

Graphic displaying servers uploading to the CloudGrants.gov is being migrated to the cloud. To ensure a smooth and successful transition, an extended period of downtime has been scheduled for Grants.gov.

Although the transition is expected to be completely seamless to applicants, we have compiled the following Q&A to address the primary questions and concerns of applicants regarding the migration.

Why is Grants.gov being migrated to the cloud?

Migrating Grants.gov to the cloud will provide many benefits, including:

    • Fewer maintenance outages,
    • Better availability and performance,
    • Increased scalability, agility, and flexibility,
    • Improved security,
    • Providing a modern infrastructure better able to support future system       enhancements, and
    • Providing an overall improved user experience.

When will Grants.gov be offline?

Grants.gov (website, mobile app, system-to-system) will be offline and unavailable during the following period:

    • Grants.gov will go Offline Friday, September 23, 2022, at 12:01 AM ET.
    • Grants.gov will come back Online Thursday, September 29, 2022, at             11:59 PM ET.

In case of unexpected issues or changes to the downtime schedule, we will post updates to the Grants.gov Alerts page.

How is Grants.gov preparing for the Cloud Migration?

Grants.gov began the cloud migration process at the end of 2021 with extensive resources dedicated to data-migration planning, testing of functionalities, and verification of data so users can continue their grant applications after the migration is complete without losing data.

Additionally, we have prepared communications and contingency plans. Our help desk team is also available to address inquiries regarding the migration and downtime.

Will applications that were started before the downtime be available when Grants.gov comes back online?

Yes, all applications that were started before the migration will be available once Grants.gov comes back online after the migration is complete.

Will applications that were started before the downtime lose their progress during the migration?

No, all progress made on applications started before the migration will be saved.

What happens to applications that were in process before the migration, but had not yet been submitted?

The progress of all unsubmitted applications that are in process at the start of the migration will be saved.  Once Grants.gov comes back online, all applications and their progress will be exactly as they were before the migration started.

Will the URL to access Grants.gov change?

The Grants.gov URL (www.Grants.gov) will remain the same after the migration. However, the IP addresses are changing. All registered System-to-System (S2S) users have been notified of the technical updates that may be required to maintain S2S connectivity with Grants.gov. If you are an S2S user and need technical support, you may contact our help desk at support@Grants.gov.

Will the email address that Grants.gov uses to send notification emails change?

Yes.  After the cloud migration is complete, notification emails will come from: do_not_reply@grants.gov.

Make sure to update any email rules you have previously created and to check the spam folder if you don’t receive any Grants.gov notifications.

For updates to the schedule regarding this outage, as well as information on other upcoming scheduled outages, please visit the System Enhancements & Server Maintenance Outages Calendar.

The Grants.gov team appreciates your patience and cooperation as we continue to improve the Grants.gov user experience.