#FundingFriday: Hurricane Florence & Disaster Assistance

September is National Preparedness Month, and so for this week’s edition of #FundingFriday we are highlighting federal preparedness and assistance resources relating to natural disasters caused by storms like Hurricane Florence, which has been battering North and South Carolina.

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Exploring Eligibility: Federal Disaster Assistance for Damaged Homes & More

The Exploring Eligibility blog series previously covered the general availability of federal grants for home repairs, among other topics. This follow-up post focuses on grants and other forms of financial assistance associated with federally-declared disaster zones.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, forest fires and other natural disasters can leave deep scars on the communities they impact. Homes and property can be damaged or destroyed. Jobs and businesses can be lost. Lives can be upended.

Exploring Eligibility Grants.gov blog series

When a natural disaster strikes and a region is declared a federal disaster zone, the U.S. government can authorize several forms of assistance designed to help impacted communities recover and rebuild.

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