The Mobile App Is Now Even Better

The latest update to the Mobile App is live on (Google Play | Apple’s App Store) with new enhancements, including the ability to accept UEI numbers.

New to the App?

The official app offers a convenient way for applicants to manage their applications and find new funding opportunities while on the go. Here is an overview of what users can do with the Mobile App:

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New to the Mobile App? Check Out the In-App Walkthrough App WalkthroughThe latest update to the mobile app adds a walkthrough resource designed to help users get more out of the app.

You can find the App Walkthrough near the bottom of the Explore screen.

For example, if you’ve downloaded the app to your iOS or Android device, you probably know that you can use the app to search for federal grants. But did you know that you can also save any search query so that you will be notified when future opportunities are published that match your query?

You can also edit any saved search query – either within the app, or on your desktop, once you have logged into your account.

The app walkthrough also shows app users how to filter search results and customize the types of notifications received from the app.

Don’t have the app? Download it for free from Apple’s App Store or Google Play. Mobile App Update: Enhanced Notification Options

Note: This blog post was updated on January 3, 2020 to indicate that the latest mobile app update has been released.

The new Mobile App Update, now available, brings several improvements to notification management. (Don’t have the app? Download it today on Google Play or Apple’s App Store.)

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New on the Mobile App: Saved Search, Improved Filtering and Sorting & More App - Explore ScreenThe official app offers the most convenient way for grant pros to manage their workflow when away from the desk.

App users can search for grants, create and manage saved searches, submit completed applications (this requires Submit privileges), and much more.

The latest mobile app update is now live for users with iOS and Android devices. Here’s what’s new within the app:

  • Create, view and edit saved searches (login required)
  • Filter searches by Opportunity Status, Funding Instrument Type, Eligibility, and Category (in addition to Agency, which was already available)
  • Sort results by those Recently Posted, Closing Soon, and by Opportunity Number
  • A new Explore screen showing an expanded list of available actions and features

Visit our App Store or Google Play pages to download and learn more about the app.

Saved Search Coming Soon to the Mobile App (iOS and Android)

In recent months, the mobile app’s install base has topped 200,000 users and has become an essential part of the federal grant pro’s toolbox.

We’re excited to announce that even more improvements to the app are just around the corner. These improvements will help bring the mobile app’s search functionality in line with that of the website, among other things.

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Pro Tip for Mobile App Users: How to Quickly View and Share a Package PDF Form

Did you know the mobile app (Android | iOS) streamlines some time-consuming applicant tasks and makes it feasible to accomplish these tasks on the go?

Let’s say you want to review a funding opportunity package’s required forms, and then share a read-only PDF of one form with a colleague who will be tasked with filling in all required fields and attaching additional documentation.

Here’s how to do it in about two minutes:

1️⃣  Tap the Package link on the funding opportunity announcement.

Tap the Package Link

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