What Is the Plan? Grants.gov in 2017

With the recent New Year Holiday now in the rearview mirror, we want to let you, the grants community, know what you can look forward to from Grants.gov in 2017.

1. Applying with online forms in Workspace will become the standard way to apply for grants on Grants.gov.

online forms iconComplete your application package in Workspace with the option of filling out individual, online forms or individual, fillable PDF forms. For more detailed information, review the Workspace Overview page.

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7 Tips for Transitioning Your Organization to Grants.gov Workspace

Thousands of federal grant applicants have submitted their application packages using Grants.gov Workspace. In this blog post, we share tips for streamlining organizational workflow in order to take advantage of Workspace’s full range of benefits.

These benefits include the following:

  • A set of shareable individual grant forms, rather than the legacy application package (which will be phased out in December 2017)
  • A form reuse feature that imports data from past application forms
  • Improved form validations that help to cut down on last-minute submission errors
  • A preview feature that gives applicants the ability to view the complete application in a single window

Below are some tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you and your organization:

1. Form reuse is the single most beneficial feature in Workspace.

Whether you’re a one-person show or you have a large team working on each application, the reuse feature within Workspace has the potential to save you tons of time.

Let’s say you apply for a grant later this month using Workspace. In the end, you aren’t awarded the funds. The next time you apply for the same grant – perhaps a year from now – you will be able to reuse all of your old forms and focus your time and effort on improving the weakest parts of the application.

2. Familiarize your team with the general Workspace workflow.

Grants.gov Workspace Workflow

Workspace separates the application package into individual forms. This allows a team of applicants to work on each form separately – at the same time, if they wish. This changes the traditional workflow, which permitted only one applicant to work on the application at a time.

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Get Ready: Online Forms Coming to Federal Grant Applications on Grants.gov

The year 2017 is still months away, but now is the time to prepare for several significant enhancements that will be coming to Grants.gov.

In early 2017, you will have the option of completing federal grant application forms in an online environment that saves progress and auto-fills matching fields on other application forms.

These online forms will provide an alternative to downloading Adobe PDF forms and completing them offline.


You can prepare now for this exciting new feature by applying for your next federal grant using Workspace.

Why? Online forms will be accessible only within Workspace, so learning the ins and outs of Workspace will ease your transition to online forms.

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