Inside An Interview with Communications Lead Nicole Daniel

We at the Community Blog (GCB) recently spoke with Nicole Daniel (ND), Communications Lead for the Program Management Office, to discuss the reception of Workspace and what users can expect with future system enhancements.

Photo of Nicole Daniel
Nicole Daniel, Communications Lead with the Program Management Office

GCB: Workspace launched in October of 2015. What kind of reception have you seen so far?

ND: We’ve been happy with the reception. A growing number of users are submitting their first applications using Workspace. Early feedback suggests that users appreciate how much easier Workspace makes it to collaborate with other colleagues on the grant application forms.

GCB: What need or issue was workspace designed to address?

ND: Well, for years applicants had to download a single PDF of forms that only one person could fill out at a time. There were also issues with data entry – for example, you often couldn’t just copy and paste in prewritten text. Then, when it was time to submit, you sort of had to cross your fingers and hope you hadn’t messed up anywhere on the form, or the submission would be rejected. Workspace addresses all of these complaints and more by breaking the package into individual forms that can be filled out by multiple users at once. Also, each form is validated when it is uploaded back into a workspace, saving a lot of heartache during the submission process.

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