Deadline Extended for Government Transition to Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)

The General Services Administration recently extended the deadline for completing the government transition from the Data Universal Numbering System (DUNS) Number to the New Unique Entity Identifier (UEI) to April 2022.

“By April of 2022, the federal government will stop using the DUNS number to uniquely identify entities registered in the System for Award Management (SAM),” reads the GSA Unique Entity Identifier Update page. “At that point, entities doing business with the federal government will use a unique entity identifier (UEI) created in”

In the meantime, will continue preparing the system to accept the new applicant UEIs when they become available.

To stay up to date on the latest UEI news from GSA and to determine how you can prepare, please visit

Video: An Introduction to UEI on the System

You may have noticed that the field previously labeled DUNS within is now labeled UEI.

What is this change all about?

Recently, has published several blog posts about this topic.  You can view those by clicking: What is the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)? and How Is Preparing for SAM’s Rollout of the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).

Here’s what’s happening

The General Services Administration (GSA), is in the process of changing the current ID numbers, previously called DUNS Numbers assigned through System for Award Management, to a new Unique Entity Identifier or UEI number.

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How Is Preparing for SAM’s Rollout of the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI)

May 7, 2020 Update: U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) has relaxed the December 2020 deadline to replace the D-U-N-S® number with the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI).’s planned UEI-related system enhancements are dependent on GSA’s schedule. Please visit our UEI Forms and Maintenance Calendar pages for the latest information on UEI integration with

Last July, we wrote about’s planned introduction of the Unique Entity Identifier (UEI), which is currently scheduled to replace the DUNS Number around the end of 2020. You can get the most up-to-date information about the UEI rollout on the GSA’s Unique Entity Identifier Update page.

In this post, we begin preparing applicants for what the UEI rollout will look like within the system – particularly, what users will see when working on an application or taking other actions within Workspace.

Fields formerly labeled “DUNS” within will now be labeled “UEI” starting in March 2020

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Common Questions to’s Support Team—EBiz POC Edition

In addition to the training and instructional resources available to aid with your grant search and application process, we have a support team ready to help you by phone (1-800-518-4726) or email. Support Resources

Before you pick up the phone to call, though, we have answers to the most common questions asked by people who are the Electronic Business Point of Contact (EBiz POC) for their organization.

Wait, what’s an ‘EBiz POC’?

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What Is a CFDA Number?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), an E-Gov initiative managed by the General Services Administration (GSA), is a list of all federal financial assistance and nonfinancial assistance programs available to a variety of applicants.

The CFDA, now called Assistance Listings on, helps users find general information about the assistance, identify program objectives, eligibility requirements, and links to current opportunities on related to a particular assistance listing.

CFDA numbers are the system for identifying and sorting the 2,000+ federal programs. Each CFDA number contains five digits and appears in the following format: ##.### (e.g., 10.001 or 98.102).

What Is a Grant? Community Blog Series banner

GSA recently moved the CFDA from the now retired to, and it is now referred to as Assistance Listings.

To search the Assistance Listings, go to, select the “Assistance Listings” option from the search drop-down menu, then type a keyword or number and click the Search button. Here’s a direct link to the Assistance Listings as well.

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SAM Updates Its Registration Process

Last week, the System for Award Management (SAM) updated its registration process, which is required before an organization can receive a federal grant. Now, when you register a new entity in SAM to do business with the U.S. government, SAM requires you to send an original, signed notarized letter stating you are the authorized entity administrator before SAM will activate your registration.

System for Award Management logo

Wondering to yourself, “How do I complete my entity administrator notarized letter?” Read this FAQ from the Federal Service Desk (FSD) for more information.

Looking for more detailed information about this change, who is impacted, or wondering why it was made? Read this SAM Update from the General Services Administration (GSA).

The Future of

There’s a lot going on under the star-spangled top hat of users know as the website on which they need to register in order to do business with the U.S. government. On, users can create an entity registration, update or renew an entity registration, check status of an entity registration, and search for entity registration and exclusion records.

But a new, beta version of the website still in development promises to make the site’s feature set far more expansive.

Plans are in place to consolidate under 10 existing federal award systems that are managed by the General Services Administration’s (GSA) Integrated Award Environment. These systems handle assistance listings, contract opportunities, wage determinations, and sub-award data, among other things.

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Read This Before You Respond to SAM-Related Spam

If you have been in the federal grants community for any time at all, you probably know that your organization needs an account with the System for Award Management (SAM), or, to do business (e.g., receive grants) from the U.S. government.

SAM registration is relatively simple (you’ll need a DUNS number), and it’s free. However, there is no shortage of spam calls and emails offering paid services to register and maintain your registration. These can cost hundreds of dollars, but be cautious when responding to such appeals. Registering, renewing, and updating your SAM registration is absolutely free.

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Grant Writing Basics: 3 Tips to Avoid Last Minute Problems

Applying for a federal grant can be a lot of work involving many moving parts. On top of strategizing, conducting meetings, and writing a compelling proposal, there are other little-but-necessary tasks on the path to successfully submitting your application that you should do well before the closing date.

grant writing basics icon

Here are 3 tips to avoid some of those last minute problems:

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7 Things You Need to Know about Registering on

At first glance, registering with seems a little complicated. But if you keep the following tips in mind, your registration will be (almost) a breeze.

1) Registration is free. You do not need to pay to register.

If a website, email, or caller tells you that you need to pay to register for government grants, don’t fall for a scam. More scam and fraud info here.

2) Start registering immediately (after you read the rest of this article, of course).

It can take up to a few weeks if you don’t have all the pre-requisite registration data, so you want to register well in advance of the grant deadline. Here’s an overview of the organization registration process and timeline.

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