4 Ways to Learn Grants with Grants.gov [Video]

Today, Grants.gov supports a growing community of applicants, grantors, and others interested in learning more about federal grant eligibility.

Learn Grants with Grants.gov

  • The hub of this growing community is the Grants Learning Center, a topical educational resource spanning the entire federal grant lifecycle.
  • An extension of the Grants Learning Center, the Grants.gov Community Blog (you’re here now), features explainers and conversation-starting articles about finding and applying for federal grants.
  • The Grants.gov YouTube channel publishes short, easy-to-follow training videos for applicants and grantors who are using the Grants.gov system.
  • And on Twitter we connect followers with the conversations that reverberate across the wide world of federal government grants.

In providing these online resources, Grants.gov aims to demystify the (sometimes) overwhelming process of applying for and receiving a federal grant.

We encourage you to make these online resources part of your digital library and share them with colleagues and fellow applicants.

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9 thoughts on “4 Ways to Learn Grants with Grants.gov [Video]

  1. Will you please leave information regarding writing a grant to bring low cost internet service to rural areas of the state? I am building a cell tower for residents of different areas in Texas. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you for the suggestion, Anthony. On the Grants.gov blog, we write to explain federal grants and how to apply generally, so for questions about a specific grant program and work you’ve already begun we recommend contacting the applicable federal grant program manager.


      1. That’s the issue. I’m new at writing grants and do not know the specific program manager. Is that information somewhere to be found? This is a beginning for me.

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      2. Here’s a few places that you can search for the grant programs you have in mind to see if these programs exist. The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) is the exhaustive source for all federal assistance programs, which includes grants: https://www.cfda.gov/index?s=main&mode=list&tab=list This will help you determine if the grant program exists and which agency may manage it.

        You may also search Grants.gov for opportunities. It may also help to search through the Closed and Archived grants to see if grants for the work you’re looking for have been awarded in the past: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/search-grants.html

        Lastly, you can read through summaries of grant-making agencies to see which agencies may manage the type of work you’re interested in: https://www.grants.gov/web/grants/learn-grants/grant-making-agencies.html


  2. Would be helpful to address the role of independent grantwriters in the new grants.gov process. It appears grantwriters must register to an organization in order to access their grants.gov application, which means an unlimited number of grants.gov accounts, and this seems to be a most inefficient way to utilize this system. At least with the current system, the pdf app could be downloaded and filled out and then passed to the AOR for submission, but now in order to fill out the forms, etc., the grantwriter has to go through the process of registering to the organization and be added to the workspace and can’t use the same account all the time for doing this. So in essence a grantwriter may have dozens of registrations in grants.gov. This isn’t making a lot of sense and perhaps you could address it.


    1. Thank you for the feedback, Janet! Some good news: With Release 16.0 (currently scheduled for deployment on June 17-19, 2017) Grants.gov users from external organizations may be added to a workspace. So, starting in mid-June, grantwriters will be able to participate/collaborate on Workspace applications with multiple organizations — all with just one account. We know this is a feature that is much-needed. Thank you again for your feedback!


      1. Well thank you! I recently checked with the Helpline and they didn’t tell me this when I asked about it. So good to hear it’s in the works.


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