OMB Publishes Free Online Grants Management Training

Chief Financial Officers Council logoDo you want the grants training for federal grant managers? The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) initially developed the Grants 101 Training for federal government employees, but now these eLearning modules are available as a resource for you.

This grants training is comprised of five modules, most of which contain multiple online lessons:

  1. Laws, Regulations, and Guidance
  2. Financial Assistance Mechanisms
  3. Uniform Guidance Administrative Requirements
  4. Cost Principles
  5. Risk Management and Single Audit

Start the grants training here

9 thoughts on “OMB Publishes Free Online Grants Management Training

  1. I am in the training and when I get to the end of Module 1, Lesson2 and complete the last Knowledge Check. I can’t go any further. Everything is highlighted in blue. But when I press ‘next’ it takes me back to the Module 1 screen but Lesson 2 is not highlighted anymore. I went through the training several times, to make sure I didn’t miss anything. Could you please help me with this? Thanks!


    1. Yes, this would be great opportunity for me.
      I worked as Grants Implementation Officer and PMU Grants Officer with USAID in Afghanistan. So, if the opportunity given to me, this would improve my knowledge about grants.



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