Where to Find Free Online Resources for Federal Grant Applicants (Part 1)

So you have zeroed in on a federal grant opportunity that is aligned with your organization’s mission using Grants.gov Search. You’ve previewed the grant application’s forms. You’ve taken notes on the range of information you will need to provide in the grant application. Now, you think, “If only I had some guidance, or some resources to help me stay on track.”

The federal grant application process can be daunting, but a lot of folks have been in your shoes and have produced helpful – and free – online resources. Continue reading Where to Find Free Online Resources for Federal Grant Applicants (Part 1)

What Is a Grant? [Updated]

A grant is one of the government’s tools for funding ideas and projects to provide public services, stimulate the economy, and benefit the general public. Grants can be awarded for a wide-variety of activities, such as innovative research, recovery initiatives, infrastructure building, or any of the other hundreds of funding programs in the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA).

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Examples of U.S. federal grant programs include those that support justice and law enforcement, social services and health research, and research in science and technology.

The process of successfully serving the public through grants, though, can be quite complex. Grant programs originate from laws, and then are administered by the appropriate federal agency. For example:

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What Is the Grant Lifecycle?

The grant lifecycle refers to the entire process a grant goes through—from creating the opportunity through implementation and ending with the closeout. While the grant lifecycle can be long and includes some complex elements, it also has a lot of consistency and follows a relatively linear path.

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The grant lifecycle is comprised of three distinct phases: Pre-Award, Award, and Post Award. These main three phases are consistent across the different federal grant-making agencies as defined by the Uniform Guidance for Federal Awards. Continue reading What Is the Grant Lifecycle?

Introducing the New Grants.gov Community Blog

If you’ve made your way to this space, you’re very likely interested in the role that the federal government plays in funding programs, projects, and research for the benefit of the public.

You might be a prospective applicant looking to secure a government grant for an urban education program, or a few minutes away from clicking “Submit” on a grant application you’ve spent weeks (tirelessly) preparing.

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You might be a federal employee posting a grant opportunity for your agency. You’re interested in making sure the public knows about the funding available to them.

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Part 1: Apply as a Team with Grants.gov’s Workspace Feature

Illustration showing how multiple team members can fill out application forms at the same time.Note: This is part one of two blog posts introducing Grants.gov’s Workspace feature.

Organizations working on federal grant applications may want to use Grants.gov’s new Workspace feature, which can help streamline collaboration and save time when an application deadline looms.

Applicants using Grants.gov have traditionally submitted a single, stitched PDF application package in a process that can be difficult — especially when collaborating with others.

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Federal Grant Policy Update: Grants Oversight and New Efficiency (GONE) Act

Illustration of a congressional buildingIt’s easy to see the Notice of Award, the official, legally binding issuance of a grant, as the beginning of something – for instance, a program, study, or project that will benefit the greater public.

In fact, before the awarding of a grant, an incredible amount of time and effort has gone into shaping it.

Between the halls of Congress and the hands of award recipients, there is a complex web of laws, regulations, policies, and guidance.

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