What Is a CFDA Number?

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA), an E-Gov initiative managed by the General Services Administration (GSA), is a list of all federal financial assistance and nonfinancial assistance programs available to a variety of applicants.

The CFDA, now called Assistance Listings on beta.SAM.gov, helps users find general information about the assistance, identify program objectives, eligibility requirements, and links to current opportunities on Grants.gov related to a particular assistance listing.

CFDA numbers are the system for identifying and sorting the 2,000+ federal programs. Each CFDA number contains five digits and appears in the following format: ##.### (e.g., 10.001 or 98.102).

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GSA recently moved the CFDA from the now retired CFDA.gov to beta.SAM.gov, and it is now referred to as Assistance Listings.

To search the Assistance Listings, go to beta.SAM.gov, select the “Assistance Listings” option from the search drop-down menu, then type a keyword or number and click the Search button. Here’s a direct link to the Assistance Listings as well.

Beta.SAM.gov with the Assistance Listings search selected

How Does CFDA Relate to Grants.gov?

Each grant opportunity posted on Grants.gov has one or more CFDA numbers. Grants.gov allows you to search based on the CFDA number or CFDA program title.

If you find a federal assistance program you are interested in applying for, and you know the CFDA number for that program, go to the Search Grants tab on Grants.gov and search by either the CFDA number or title:

Search Grants tab with CFDA field highlighted

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